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Finest Women In Real Estate

About Us

FWRE Magazine

Finest Women in Real Estate Magazine is not just for women or for those in the real estate industry, but it is for the finest! Our magazine showcases the finest professionals, the finest locations, the finest foods, the finest community leaders, the finest businesses, the finest community organizations, the finest people giving to others, the finest mindset the finest business practices, the finest lifestyles… You get the idea!

Our purpose is to provide the finest in inspiration, education, life balance and service to others through articles, biographies, tutorials, event announcements, reviews and offers from carefully selected product and service providers who are the finest in their fields.

Whether you are a business owner, independent professional or employee, you will learn practical tips and techniques to improve your effectiveness, efficiency and reach your goals. Of course much will be focused on the real estate industry, but most will be easily adapted to any professional business situation. The finest experts in their fields will share valuable information on everything from time management to strategic planning, from marketing to negotiating, from networking to lead generation. Each issue features different experts from diverse backgrounds.

FWRE Professional Services Network

Finest Women in Real Estate is an exclusive and prestigious group of the premier, specialized female real estate agents, along with the most exceptional real estate resource professionals (Finest Resources) in their community. Each of the Finest Women in Real Estate excels in their own area of specialty (by neighborhood, property type or transaction type), serving specific sellers and buyers within their target market, and represent diverse real estate brokers and companies.

Finest Women in Real Estate provides an exclusive venue for select agents and resource professionals to connect, network and refer clients to other professionals who have also passed the rigorous selection process required to be considered one of the finest.Member companies and professionals are assured that each of the other members have been personally selected, screened and are consistently monitored to ensure that a referral to any other member results in only the highest level of professionalism, expertise and customer service for every client.

It is more than just a business or referral network; it is a team of trustworthy business professionals committed to excellence in every task they perform. Every member can refer clients with the utmost confidence whether they need a single service or an entire transaction completed.